Sombre Brocade Dichonioxa tenebrosa
Sombre Brocade Dichonioxa tenebrosa
Adult • Channel Islands • ©

73.227 BF2248b
Sombre Brocade Dichonioxa tenebrosa

(Esper, 1789)

Wingspan c. 35mm.

The first record for Britain and the Channel Islands of this largely Mediterranean species was on Guernsey in October 2006. Since then it has become quite regular there, and has since turned up in mainland Britain, at Durlston in Dorset, in October 2008.

Although closely related to the Brindled GreenDryobotodes eremita, it has more the resemblance of Dark BrocadeBlepharita adusta in appearance.

The larvae feed on holm oak (Quercus ilex) and on the continent the adult moths fly between October and December.
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