Vitula biviella
Vitula biviella
Adult • Ipswich, Suffolk • © Paul Kitchener

62.061 BF1478b

Vitula biviella

(Zeller, 1848)

The first records of this species in Britain were noted in 1997 and 1998 from Lydd, Kent. Since then there have been a number of records from neighbouring counties, and the species now seems to have established small breeding populations both in Kent and Suffolk.

It is a species of pine woods, and occurs across much of Northern Europe, spreading West in recent years.

Similar in appearance to several other species including Ephestia parasitella and E. elutella, but can show more contrast in the whitish cross-lines.

On the continent, adult moths fly between June and August, and the larvae feed in a web on the flowers of pine (Pinus).
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