Stigmella roborella - Distribution map

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4.063 BF86

Stigmella roborella

(Johansson, 1971)

Wingspan c. 6mm.

The distribution of this species is still imperfectly known, due to confusion with other oak-feeding species, in particular S. atricapitella. The larva mines leaves of oak (QuercusQ. robur, in two generations, during June and July and again in October and November.

The first generation mines tend to be shorter; those in the autumn longer and irregular in pattern. Mines are similar to S. atricapitella, but the larva of that species has a dark head whereas that of the present species is pale brownish.

Adult moths are plain greyish to brown with a bronzy sheen. The head is yellow or orange and the eyecaps whitish. Adult moths fly in May and June and again in August and September.

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