Stigmella regiella
Stigmella regiella
Adult, reared from mine • Bere Alston, Devon • © Phil Barden

4.022 BF107

Stigmella regiella

(Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)

Wingspan c.5.5-5mm

A fairly common and widespread species throughout England and Wales.

The adult flies during May to June. Head is orange. Eye caps whitish. Fore-wing is metallic yellowish-brown with some purple. A broad silvery/yellowish fascia is situated just beyond the middle of the wing. The apical area of the wing is purplish to brown.

The egg is laid on the underside of Crataegus leaves near the margin. Mines can be found during August to November. Mines consist of a narrow gallery, with reddish frass, that follow the leaf margin. It then forms a blotch with blackish frass. The larva is yellowish with pale brown head. The cephalic ganglia can be conspicuous.

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