Stigmella prunetorum
Stigmella prunetorum
Larva & mine on P. spinosa • South Devon • © Phil Barden

4.011 BF109

Stigmella prunetorum

(Stainton, 1855)

Wingspan 4-5mm.

A nationally scarce species with a rather scattered distribution across the south and west of the UK.

The larvae mine the leaves of Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn), and occasionally other Prunus species, in two generations during July and then September/October. The mine is a contorted gallery. Larvae are green.

The adult is similar to many other Stigmella species. Stigmella prunatorum has a black head, white eye-caps and collar. The base of the wing is purplish with a golden area beyond. There is a silvery-white fascia beyond the middle bordered either side by a purplish band.

It flies during June and again in August/September.

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