Stigmella incognitella
Stigmella incognitella
Vacant mine on Apple • Bere Alston, Devon • © Phil Barden

4.053 BF78

Stigmella incognitella

(Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)

[Synonyms: pomella]

Wingspan c.6mm

A widespread species in the southern half of Britain but rather local. There are two generations with adults flying in May and August. Larval mines can be found on Malus (Apple) in June/July and again during September/November.

The mine starts as a slender gallery, usually along a vein, leading to a rather elongated orange/brownish blotch.

Adults are similar to many other Stigmellas being a plain dark colour with a slight purplish gloss. Head and collar is orange/yellow.

(Species account by P. Barden).

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