Stigmella floslactella
Stigmella floslactella
Adult • Fleet, Hampshire, reared from larva • © Rob Edmunds

4.032 BF75

Stigmella floslactella

(Haworth, 1828)

Wingspan c.6 mm.

A widespread and fairly common species across most of the British Isles, this species feeds, like Stigmella microtheriella on hazel (Corylus), or hornbeam (Carpinus), and its larval mines are often found alongside that species in the same leaf. However the mines of S. floslactella are generally wider, less angular and contain more scattered frass than those of S. microtheriella.

The adults are fairly readily distinguished, if these are reared through. S. floslactella is larger, more coarsely scaled and has a wider, often broken fascia.

There are two generations, with adults on the wing in May and August. The larval mines can be found in June-July, but more often in September-October.

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