Rose Leaf Miner Stigmella anomalella
Rose Leaf Miner Stigmella anomalella
Adult • Chorlton, Greater Manchester. Reared from mine on Rosa. • © Ben Smart

4.015 BF92

Rose Leaf Miner Stigmella anomalella

(Goeze, 1783)

Wingspan 5-6 mm.

A fairly common species throughout the British Isles.

The larva mines the leaves of rose (Rosa spp.), both cultivated and wild varieties. The mine is a long, sinuous gallery which often crosses back over itself. The frass is initially green and cloudy, filling the mine, but later is a thick black central line.

The adult moths have plain bronzy wings, tinged greenish on the inner two-thirds, and slightly reddish towards the tip.

There are two generations, with moths flying in May and August, the larval mines occurring in July and from October to November.
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