Dark Mottled Willow Spodoptera cilium - Distribution map

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73.088 BF2386c

Dark Mottled Willow Spodoptera cilium

Guenée, 1852

Wingspan c.28-34 mm.

This rare immigrant species hails from Africa and southern Europe, and has turned up on a handful of occasions since its first encounter in Cornwall in 1990. Most records are between Cornwall and Dorset, and tend to occur in September or October.

It resembles Pale Mottled Willow Caradrina clavipalpis but is darker and greyer, and Small Mottled Willow Spodoptera exigua which however has a much narrower resting posture and is rather more tawny.

The larvae abroad feed on grasses and are said to have a liking for short turf.
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