Spatalistis bifasciana
Spatalistis bifasciana
Adult • © Terry Box

49.058 BF1034

Spatalistis bifasciana

(Hübner, [1787])

Wingspan 12-14mm.

Quite a rare species in the British Isles, S. bifasciana occurs locally in parts of southern England and south Wales, frequenting woodland margins.

Flying in May and June, the adults are quite distinctively marked, dark brown with yellowish in the terminal area and metallic blue-grey streaking.

Much of the available literature suggests that the larvae feed internally in the berries or fruits of buckthorn (Rhamnus and Frangula) or dogwood (Cornus). However, more recent research suggests that this may not be the case, as larvae have been found amongst dead oak (Quercus) and sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) leaves.

A full account of the larva and its biology has recently been published by R. J. Heckford in the Entomologists Gazette.
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