Smoky Wave Scopula ternata
Smoky Wave Scopula ternata
Adult • East Invernessshire • © Roy Leverton

70.026 BF1694

Smoky Wave Scopula ternata

Schrank, 1802

Wingspan 20-29 mm.

The Scopula genus is comprised of a number of difficult to identify species. Smoky Wave differs slightly in that it doesn't have any obvious dark spots, only a powdery speckling. The intensity of the 'waves' varies somewhat.

The species is distributed locally over parts of northern England and Scotland and north Wales, and is less frequent elsewhere in England.

The adults fly in June and July and can be easily disturbed from their heathland or mossland habitat.

The larvae feed on bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) and heather (Calluna).
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