Scoparia ancipitella - Distribution map

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63.065 BF1335

Scoparia ancipitella

(La Harpe, 1855)

[Synonyms: Scoparia ulmella]
Wingspan c. 18-21mm.

One of the difficult group of Scopariines, this species is similar to S. ambigualis, although it some external features which may help to distinguish it, including more of a greyish wash, less distinct outer line and possibly stronger first line. However these are very subjective and reference to the genitalia is recommended.

It is rather rare, occurring locally throughout Britain, with a western bias, although distribution information is scant due to the difficulties of identifying this group.

Adult moths fly in July and August and can be found resting on tree-trunks. The larvae are thought to feed on mosses and lichens, but little is documented of the early stages.
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