Sciota hostilis
Sciota hostilis
Adult • Rye Harbour NR, E. Sussex • © Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

62.016 BF1447

Sciota hostilis

(Stephens, 1834)

Wingspan c.25 mm.

A rare and local resident species, recorded from a number of locations in south and south-east England, but more recently only known from one breeding area in Warwickshire. The species depends on mature aspen (Populus tremula) woodland, which has disappeared from many of its earlier haunts.

The species has also been recorded as a migrant in the south of England a number of times in recent years. It can be confused with Sciota adelphella, which has colonised in recent years, but is generally a duller species, with the white antemedian bar meeting the dorsum at more of a right-angle than that of S. adelphella.

Another potential confusion species is Pempelia formosa.

The moths fly typically in June, and the larva feeds between two leaves of aspen, spun together.
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