Thrift Clearwing Pyropteron muscaeformis: Distribution map

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52.016 BF383
Thrift Clearwing Pyropteron muscaeformis

(Esper, 1783)

[Synonyms: Bembecia muscaeformis]

Wingspan 15-18 mm.

With a mainly western distribution, this clearwing is mainly found around sea-cliffs or rocky coastal areas where the foodplant occurs commonly.

It occurs in suitable localities in western England, Wales, and parts of Scotland, as well as southern Ireland.

The moths fly in June and July, and may be found visiting the flowers of the foodplant as well as those of thyme (Thymus).

They can also be attracted by the use of pheromones. The foodplant is thrift (Armeria maritima), the caterpillars feeding in the roots and crowns.

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