Psychoides verhuella
Psychoides verhuella
Adult • ex. Larva, Martin Mere, Lancs. • © Ben Smart

12.047 BF199

Psychoides verhuella

Bruand, 1853

Wingspan 9-12 mm.

Larva mines mature fern frond with well developed sporangia, usually Phyllitis scolopendrium (Hartstongue fern), and makes case (vacant when larva in frond) resembling displaced sorus (spore body). Aug.-June, most prominent April-May.

Larva (early and late instars) has black head, prothoracic shield and anal plate, which distinguish it from the other fern frond species, P. filicivora.

Pupal case, May-June, has sharp crest when unworn.

Imago, June-July, often has a violet reflection. It lacks the white tornal spot of P. filicivora

Most frequent in Wales and W. England, including Salop,Flints.,Denbighs.,Caerns.
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