Psyche casta
Psyche casta
Male • Ketton Quarry, Rutland, Leics. • © Andy Mackay

11.012 BF186

Psyche casta

(Pallas, 1767)

Wingspan 12-15 mm.

Known as 'bagworms' or 'case-bearers', the larvae of the Psychidae construct cases from fragments of plant material, in this instance, pieces of grass. The case is attached to a tree trunk or foliage, or quite often to a wooden fence or gate.

The larvae feed on grasses, lichens and decaying vegetable matter.

The adult males are plain, dull brownish moths. The females are wingless and grub-like in appearance. Both sexes emerge between May and July.

The species is fairly common throughout the British Isles, but becoming less so further north.
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