Pselnophorus heterodactyla
Pselnophorus heterodactyla
Adult • Cranham, Glos. Ex. Larva on wall lettuce • © Oliver Wadsworth

45.036 BF1516
Pselnophorus heterodactyla

(Müller, 1764)

Wingspan c. 20mm.

This rather scarce plume moth has a somewhat disjointed distribution, occurring in certain wooded localities in Suffolk, Gloucester, Cumbria and Scotland.

The adult moths are dark brown, flecked with pale buff, and have with cleft, lobed forewings. They fly during June and July.

The larvae feed on wall lettuce (Mycelis muralis) and marsh hawk's-beard (Crepis paludosa) during autumn before hibernating. In spring they recommence feeding and bite through the midrib of a leaf, making the tip droop, which can help betray their presence.
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