Phyllonorycter schreberella
Phyllonorycter schreberella
Adult • ex. Mine in Ulmus, Greywell, Hants • © Ian Kimber

15.074 BF352

Phyllonorycter schreberella

(Fabricius, 1781)

Wingspan 6-8 mm.

Along with P. tristrigella, this species feeds on elm (Ulmus), although not usually on wych elm (U. glabra) like that species. However the two mines are quite different - schreberella forming a rounded mine and tristrigella a longer, narrower tube-like mine.

The adults too, are quite different. The present species is smaller, with a metallic lustre and dark, leaden colours around the head and fringes, with silvery strigulae.

It is distributed mainly in the southern half of England and Wales, but can be common in places. The two species can occur side by side on the same tree.

The adults fly in two generations during May and August.

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