Phyllonorycter junoniella
Phyllonorycter junoniella
Adult • Barden Moor, N. Yorkshire • © Derek Parkinson

15.048 BF328

Phyllonorycter junoniella

(Zeller, 1846)

Wingspan 7-8 mm.

A species of higher ground, particularly moorland, distributed in Wales and from the Midlands northwards to much of Scotland. The larvae mine the leaves of cow-berry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), causing the underside of a leaf to become puckered. Mines are most often found on plants low down amongst the heather.

The adults are quite brightly-coloured individuals with golden-orange ground colour and dark-edged white strigulae. They are mainly on the wing in June and July, although in some areas it can be double-brooded, appearing again later in the autumn.

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