Phyllonorycter comparella
Phyllonorycter comparella
Adult • Greywell, Hampshire. Reared from mine in Populus • © Rob Edmunds

15.087 BF365

Phyllonorycter comparella

(Duponchel, [1843])

Wingspan c. 8mm.

A relatively scarce species, being found locally in England where the foodplant poplar (Populus) occurs.

The larva makes a mine on the underside of leaves of grey poplar (Populus canescens) or white poplar (P. alba). The mines do not distort the leaves much but usually there is a paler mottling on the upperside of the leaf. Mines can be found in July and again in September and October.

The adults have quite extensive whitish ground colour, marked with greyish-brown, and occur in August and again from October, when they overwinter in this stage.
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