Morris's Wainscot Photedes morrisii
Adult • Dorset • © David Green/Butterfly Conservation

73.148 BF2346

Morris's Wainscot Photedes morrisii

(Dale, 1837)

[Synonyms: Photedes morrisii]

Wingspan 26-34 mm.

An extremely local resident species occurring only along the south-west coast of England between Dorset and Devon. Another race, P. morrisii bondii, known as Bond's Wainscot, even more restricted to a single area in Kent, may now be extinct.

The species occupies grassy slopes and cliffs along the coastline, and flies in June and July.

The larvae feed internally in the stems of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea). Like other internal feeders, they are creamy-white in colour.

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