Phalonidia gilvicomana
Phalonidia gilvicomana
Adult • Belgium • © Tymo Muus

49.099 BF933

Phalonidia gilvicomana

(Zeller, 1847)

[Synonyms: Piercea gilvicomana]
Wingspan c. 12mm.

A local and rare species in the British Isles, occurring in a few scattered localities in the south, ranging from Kent in the east to Devon and Glamorgan in the west.

Generally flying in June and July, the adults are quite distinctive with their yellowish and brown forewing colours, although they are quite similar to 934 P. curvistrigana.

The larvae feed on the seeds of wall lettuce (Mycelis muralis) and nipplewort (Lapsan communis), living inside the seed-heads.
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