Perittia obscurepunctella
Perittia obscurepunctella
Adult • Lower Woods, South Gloucestershire • © Guy Meredith

38.001 BF590

Perittia obscurepunctella

(Stainton, 1848)

Wingspan c. 9 mm.

A small, indistinctly marked moth that is distributed widely across most of England, becoming less common in the norther parts of its range. It also occurs scarcely in Wales and Ireland.

Inhabiting open woodland, the adult moths are diurnal and fly in April and May, especially in sunshine.

The larval foodplant is honeysuckle (Lonicera), and the larva forms a translucent blotch mine on the leaves, with a dark reddish-brown central spot where the frass accumulates.

Mines are to be found between June and August.

See also: Leafmine (British Leaf Mining Fauna)

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