Parectopa ononidis
Parectopa ononidis
Leafmine on Trifolium • Leam Valley NR, Warks • © Martin Kennard

15.001 BF299

Parectopa ononidis

(Zeller, 1839)

Wingspan c.8mm.

A rather scarce and local species, occurring in parts of southern England and the south Midlands, preferring chalky downland and coastal areas.

The adult moths are quite distinctive, though rarely encountered. They fly in two, possibly three generations between May and August.

The larvae mine the leaves of clover (Trifolium), including both red clover (T. pratense) and white clover (T. repens), as well as restharrow (Ononis spp.). The mine begins as a gallery on the underside of a leaf and later becomes a blotch on the upperside. Larvae are to be found in July and from September onwards, overwintering.
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