Dusky Clearwing Paranthrene tabaniformis - Distribution map

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52.004 BF372

Dusky Clearwing Paranthrene tabaniformis

(Rottemburg, 1775)

Wingspan c. 30 mm.

Dusky Clearwing has not been found in Britain for around 80 years, although prior to that, small numbers were occasionally encountered. It is possible that the species is now extinct in the British Isles, though as new advances are made with pheromone lures, there is a possibility for it to be rediscovered.

It is one of the more distinctive of the clearwings, with the forewings having brown scales over much of their area.

Abroad, the adults fly from May to July, and the larvae are associated with sallow (Salix) and poplar (Populus).
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