Stored Nut Moth Paralipsa gularis
Stored Nut Moth Paralipsa gularis
Larva • Halesowen, West Midlands • © Patrick Clement

62.003 BF1430

Stored Nut Moth Paralipsa gularis

(Zeller, 1877)

Wingspan c. 20-30 mm.

A sexually dimorphic species, the males being smaller and more delicately marked than the females, which have a large black discal spot. Males also have a dark spot, though much smaller, along with patches of cream and russet.

The larvae feed on stored seeds and nuts, as well as dried fruit and mixed dried food. The illustrations show moths that hatched from stored bird food.

A resident of south-east Asia, it is not native to this country, and is normally encountered due to accidental import with produce, though is not especially common.
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