Pancalia schwarzella - Distribution map

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34.002 BF900

Pancalia schwarzella

(Fabricius, 1798)

[Synonyms: latreillella]
Wingspan c. 11-16mm.

Very similar to P. leuwenhoekella, this species is said to have a more obliquely-angled silver spot at the tornus, compared to the more perpendicular one of that species. However, perhaps the easiest way to distinguish is the lack of any obvious white section towards the apex of the antennae in the present species.

It is distributed sparingly across much of Britain and Ireland, most frequent in the south and in Scotland, and flies during the daytime from late April to early July.

The larvae feed on dog violet (Viola canina) and hairy violet (V. hirta), but were undescribed until found in Scotland by Bob Heckford in 2004.
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