Yellow V Moth Oinophila v-flava
Yellow V Moth Oinophila v-flava
Adult • Carnac, Brittany • © Ben Smart

12.046 BF277

Yellow V Moth Oinophila v-flava

(Haworth, 1828)

Wingspan c.10 mm.

In the British Isles, this species is only found commonly on the Isles of Scilly where it has become established in the open. Elsewhere it has been recorded only indoors, usually in warehouses and wine cellars where the larva feeds on fungus and wine corks. In the open the larvae feed on a range of dry vegetable matter and on the bark of shrubs.

The adults on Scilly are active from around July to September, and generally fly around evening.

Abroad, the species is very widespread in temperate zones from Europe to South Africa and North America.
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