Monochroa suffusella - Distribution map

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35.076 BF741

Monochroa suffusella

(Douglas, 1850)

Wingspan 10 - 12mm.

Very local and widely scattered across the southern half of England, Wales and Ireland.

This species has two colour forms, from the pale straw colour found across most of its range, to a darker more ochreous colour found at a few sites in eastern England.

Found in Fens, marshes and lowland raised bogs (mosses).

Single brooded from late May to the end of July.

The larva mines the stems and parts of the leaves of Common Cotton-grass Eriophorum angustiflium but this food-plant does not occur at a few of its known sites.

Similar species:
When at rest on the stems of plants it can superficially resemble a Coleophorid type moth.

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