Mompha conturbatella
Mompha conturbatella
Adult • Chorlton, Gtr. Manchester, reared from larva • © Ben Smart

40.001 BF885

Mompha conturbatella

(Hübner, [1819])

Wingspan 17 mm.

Occurring in woodland and marshy areas, the foodplant of this species is rosebay willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium). It is well distributed over much of Britain.

The larval feeding can often be quite noticeable, as the larva spins together terminal leaves of the foodplant, forming an untidy spinning. It feeds within, eating down into the stem.

The adult is marked with bluish, russet and white, and has several raised tufts of scales on the dorsum.

The flight time is June and July, and the species is attracted to light.
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