Metalampra italica
Metalampra italica
Adult • Plympton, Devon • © Bob Heckford

28.008 BF642a

Metalampra italica

Baldizzone, 1977

Wingspan c. 12mm.

This species was encountered in Britain for the first time in 2003, in Devon. Since then it has been found in at least a dozen counties in the south of England and Wales, and is now known to be a breeding resident.

Prior to this, the species was considered endemic to Italy, but is believed to be spreading its range. It is possible that it was accidentally introduced.

The adults are quite distinctive but could be confused with the similar, more widespread but as yet unrecorded Metalampra cinnamomea, which however has a darker ground colour in the forewing.

The larvae feed in decaying wood, beneath the bark, in the manner of, and resembling, those of Esperia sulphurella.

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