Dusky Peacock Macaria signaria
Dusky Peacock Macaria signaria
Adult • Covert Wood, Kent • © Lee Gregory

70.213 BF1891
Dusky Peacock Macaria signaria

(Hübner, [1809])

[Synonyms: Semiothisa signaria]
Wingspan c.31 mm.

A species that until recently has been regarded as an occasional immigrant, there is now known to be an established breeding population in Kent.

There is a single genration, flying from May to July, after dark, and the adults are attracted to light.

It can resemble a worn example of Peacock Moth Semiothisa notata or Sharp-angled Peacock Semiothisa alternaria, but lacks the dark-edged notch in the forewing typical of both those species.
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