Softly's Shoulder-knot Lithophane consocia
Adult • Kvikne, Oppland, Norway • © Svein Bekkum

73.204 BF2238a

Softly's Shoulder-knot Lithophane consocia

(Borkhausen, 1792)

Wingspan 43-48mm.

A single record of this species was trapped in Hampstead, London, in September 2001 and is the only record to date, although it may yet be discovered in collections, as it is rather similar to The Conformist L. furcifera.

It is distributed in northern and eastern Europe, where it tends to inhabit mixed forest habitats, especially in mountainous regions. The adults fly from September, overwintering until May.

The larvae feed on alder (Alnus), and hazel (Corylus).
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