Pear Leaf Blister Moth Leucoptera malifoliella - Distribution map

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21.008 BF260

Pear Leaf Blister Moth Leucoptera malifoliella

(Costa, [1836])

Wingspan c. 8mm.

Although distributed throughout England and into Southern Scotland, this species can be rather erratic in its occurrence and can be quite a difficult species to track down. In some years there is a population explosion when it appears commonly, but in between can be quite uncommon.

The larva makes a distinctive round blotch in a leaf of hawthorn (Crataegus), with a spiral frass pattern typical of the genus, sometimes several mines in one leaf. Occupied mines can be found in August and September, and the adult moths fly in June and July.

The moth is very similar in appearance to other Leucoptera species.
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