Spurge Hawk-moth Hyles euphorbiae
Spurge Hawk-moth Hyles euphorbiae
Adult • St Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent • © Tony Morris

69.013 BF1986

Spurge Hawk-moth Hyles euphorbiae

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Wingspan 55-75 mm.

A sporadic migrant to southern England from south Europe, there are only a handful of recent records, with at least one record of a caterpillar. In the 19th century, it bred several times on the south coast, usually on Spurge (Euphorbia spp.).

The adult resembles the more frequent Bedstraw Hawk-moth (Hyles gallii), but has a distinctive rosy tinge to the underside, as well as more solid-looking markings on the upperwing.

The larvae are quite variable but always spectacular.

The most likely time of occurrence is between July and October.
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