Coast Conch Gynnidomorpha permixtana
Coast Conch Gynnidomorpha permixtana
Adult • Mullet Peninsula, Co. Mayo, Ireland. • © Michael O Donnell

49.107 BF928

Coast Conch Gynnidomorpha permixtana

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

[Synonyms: Piercea permixtana]

Wingspan 11–13 mm.

A cream and caramel coloured moth found in southern England, coastal Wales and along the western coastlines Scotland and Ireland. This species has made its home among the damp mosses and low-growing vegetation of open heathland.

Its larvae feed on a diverse diet of wildflowers including lousewort, yellow rattle, flowering rush, eyebright, and water plantain. Adults produce two broods in a season, which are on the wing in May and June, and again in late July and August. Though they are most active in the evening, they are known to take to the air in daytime if disrupted.

A thick caramel band runs more or less vertically down the centre of the Coast Conch’s forewing. Along the middle of this band’s outer margin is a very characteristic dark brown marking. Further along, towards the edge of the forewing, a light grey marking is visible. The Coast Conch’s hindwings are uniformly grey-brown.

Description: Michela Sisti

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