Grapholita orobana
Grapholita orobana
Adult • Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire • © Ian Barton

49.352 BF1253

Grapholita orobana

Treitschke, 1830

[Synonyms: Cydia orobana]
Wingspan c.13 mm.

Somewhat similar in appearance to Grapholita lunulana but rather local and scarce, occurring in a few locations mainly in southern England and East Anglia.

The two species are difficult to separate on external characters but orobana has a broader forewing and the white curved dorsal blotch is often slightly constricted in the middle.

Adult moths fly in July in afternoon sunshine, and later are attracted to light. The larvae feed on various vetch (Vicia) species, particularly wood vetch V. sylvatica and tufted vetch V. cracca, feeding in the seed pods.
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