The Geometrician Grammodes stolida
The Geometrician Grammodes stolida
Adult • Riviersonderend, South Africa • © Geoff Riley

72.088 BF2461

The Geometrician Grammodes stolida

(Fabricius, 1775)

[Synonyms: Grammodes stolida]
Wingspan c. 40-44mm.

This species has only ever been recorded twice in the British Isles; once in 1903 in south Devon, and more recently in 1990 in East Sussex, when an individual was attracted to light. Both records were in September.

Abroad the distribution covers southern Europe and Africa eastwards to India.

The larvae, which haven't been recorded here, feed on bramble (Rubus), oak (Quercus) and a number of other plants. Adult moths tend to occur in May-June and August-September in the northern parts of its range.
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