Parallel Lines Grammodes bifasciata
Parallel Lines Grammodes bifasciata
Adult • Chippenham Fen, Cambridgeshire • © Trevor Brownsell


Parallel Lines Grammodes bifasciata

(Petagan, 1787)

Wingspan c. 30-35mm.

An unusual moth was attracted to Mercury Vapour light at Chippenham Fen, Cambridgeshire in July 2020 during a recording session by Trevor Brownsell and Ben Sale. It was subsequently identified as Grammodes bifasciata, a species naturally occuring in Eastern Madagascar, Africa and southern and central Europe, and was a new species for Britain.

Weather conditions at the time were considered suitable for migrant activity, and the record is considered likely to be an immigrant rather than a release or accidental import.

Abroad, the larvae feed on Blackberry (Rubus), Cistus, Smilax and Polygonium.

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