Square-spot Dart Euxoa obelisca
Square-spot Dart Euxoa obelisca
Adult • Dorset • © Keith Tailby

73.312 BF2080

Square-spot Dart Euxoa obelisca

(Tutt, 1902)

Wingspan c.35-40 mm.

A rather local species, with a scattered distribution around the south and west coasts of mainland Britain, and eastern Scotland. There have been a few records inland but generally this is a coastal species.

It is very similar to, and confused with, White-line Dart, E. tritici and some specimens may need to be determined by examination of the genitalia.

The flight period is from August to October, and the species can be attracted to light.

The early stages are poorly known in this country, but various low plants are believed to be used by the larvae.
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