Euspilapteryx auroguttella - Distribution map

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15.016 BF297

Euspilapteryx auroguttella

Stephens, 1835

[Synonyms: Eucalybites auroguttella]

Wingspan 9-10 mm.

A fairly common and well-distributed species throughout much of the British Isles, the attractive adult has orange or yellow markings against a metallic grey ground colour, and white tips to the dark antennae.

There are two generations, moths being on the wing in May and August. The flight time is evening onwards, and sometimes it can be attracted to light.

St. John's-wort (Hypericum) is the foodplant of the larva, initially feeding in a gallery. This then turns to a blotch and finally one or more conical folds are made.

See also: Leafmine (British Leaf Mining Fauna)

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