Satyr Pug Eupithecia satyrata
Satyr Pug Eupithecia satyrata
Larva • Ex. ova, Docker Moor, Lancashire • © Brian Hancock

70.177 BF1828

Satyr Pug Eupithecia satyrata

(Hübner, [1813])

Wingspan 18-24 mm.

This moth is represented by three subspecies or forms in the British Isles.

The nominate type satyrata occurs generally in the southern half of England, and has a relatively plain appearance. In northern England, Scotland and Ireland, callunaria is the dominant form, which occurs on moorland and heaths and has stronger markings. The third form, curzoni, is the most well-marked, but is restricted to the northern Scottish isles.

The adults fly generally in May and June, when they can be attracted to light-traps.

The larvae feed on the flowers of a range of different plants, depending on the habitat.

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