Campanula Pug Eupithecia denotata
Campanula Pug Eupithecia denotata
Adult • Chawton, Hants • © Roy Leverton

70.185 BF1836

Campanula Pug Eupithecia denotata

(Hübner, [1813])

Wingspan c.20mm.

The nominate subspecies denotata, known as Campanula Pug, is a fairly plain moth, somewhat resembling a pale Wormwood Pug although it lacks the dark band on the abdoman typical of that species.

It is a scarce and very local moth, occurring on calcareous soils in the south of England, with scattered records northwards to Lincolnshire and South Wales.

The larval foodplants are nettle-leaved bellflower (Campanula trachelium) and giant bellflower (C. latifolia, the larvae feeding in the seed capsules.

The subspecies jasioneata, or Jasione Pug, is smaller and darker, feeding on sheep's-bit (Jasione montana). It is also scarce, restricted to parts of south-west England, Wales and Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

Both subspecies fly during July.

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