Ethmia pyrausta
Ethmia pyrausta
Adult • East Ross, Scotland • © Nigel Richards

33.005 BF722

Ethmia pyrausta

(Pallas, 1771)

Wingspan c. 20mm. In Britain, the species was known from a single specimen found in the late 19th century in northern Scotland, and then was not seen again until 1996 when it was discovered at altitude in the Cairngorm region.

It has been found and photographed in the last few years from a couple of locations in East Ross, as depicted by the accompanying photos. The larvae are known to feed on Alpine Meadow-rue (Thalictrum alpinum).

The combination of the sooty forewings and black spots (3, not 2 as previously thought), and the bright yellow abdominal region, are diagnostic.

Abroad, the species occurs scarcely in parts of Scandinavia.

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