Elachista scirpi: Distribution map

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38.043 BF627
Elachista scirpi

Stainton, 1887

Larvae of this species are leaf-miners, using Sea Club-rush (Bolboschoenus maritimus), Saltmarsh Rush (Juncus gerardii) or Round-fruited Rush (J. compressus).

The leaf-mine is formed in April-May and appears as a short, broad, greenish white mine, with the frass at first packed at the start of the mine, but later in a thick, central line.

The larva is pale greenish yellow with a pale yellow head.

Pupation is under a slight web on the midrib of a leaf.

The moth flies from June to early August and may be found in salt-marshes in England and south-east Scotland, as well as in the south coast of Ireland.

It can usually be separated from its close relatives by the presence of a white streak from the base in the costal half of the forewing.

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