Ectoedemia rubivora
Ectoedemia rubivora
Larval Mines • © John Dothie

4.097 BF31

Ectoedemia rubivora

(Wocke, 1860)

A single brooded species flying during June and July. The larvae mine leaves of Rubus species but favouring R. caesius. They pupate in a cocoon in the ground to overwinter.

The moth is dark winged with a dark head tuft and a white scape. There is an irregular white fascia. The moth can be identified by breeding out from a mine or by genitalia dissection.

Oviposition is on the underside of a leaf. The larva creates a contorted gallery that can be variable and may become a blotch. The frass is dispersed. The mines are usually clear and pale. They may be present in large numbers on a single bush, with many mines to each leaf.

Description: John Dothie

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