Ectoedemia heringi
Ectoedemia heringi
Adult • Eye, Suffolk, gen. det. J Clifton • © Paul Kitchener

4.091 BF39

Ectoedemia heringi

(Toll, 1934)

Wingspan c.6mm.

This species is found in the south and south-east of England and parts of Wales. It is similar in habits and appearance to Ectoedemia subbimaculella, but the adults have a tendency to have more pale around the base of the wing, and whiter spots.

The larva creates a mine in a leaf of oak (Quercus), usually close to the midrib, eventually forming a blotch. Unlike E. subbimaculella, the mine does not have a slit in the lower epidermis.

Adults are on the wing in July; leafmines can be found from October, into December, when mines can be located in fallen leaves containing 'green islands'.

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