Ectoedemia angulifasciella
Ectoedemia angulifasciella
Adult • ex. Mine in Rosa, Cheshire • © Ian Kimber

4.094 BF28

Ectoedemia angulifasciella

(Stainton, 1849)

Wingspan 5-6 mm.

A locally common species occurring in England, Wales and southern Scotland.

The larva creates a mine in a rose (Rosa) leaf, beginning as a contorted gallery filled with brownish frass and then widening into a blotch with central or dispersed blackish frass. The young larva itself has a chain of dark spots on the abdomen, which can be seen from above the mine, since the larva mines venter upwards. In later instars, these spots become smaller and less noticeable, and the green gut can be seen.

The adults fly during July and the mines can be found from September to November.

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