Black Collar Dichagyris flammatra
Black Collar Dichagyris flammatra
Male • Spain • © Barry Goater

73.31 BF2101

Black Collar Dichagyris flammatra

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan 42-52(60) mm.

This unmistakable and aptly named species has just a handful of British records, the most recent being from Gloucestershire in 1968 and Shetland in 1997.

On the Continent, the moth occurs in open scrub land in the mountains, and here in Britain it must be regarded as an exceptional vagrant.

It is on the wing from June to September, possibly with summer diapause (Fibiger, 1990), and comes to light and sugar. The Shetland specimen was taken at sugar.

The larva overwinters from September to late May, and feeds on a range of herbaceous plants. There is a short pupal period. (Description: Barry Goater)

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