Breckland Plume Crombrugghia distans
Breckland Plume Crombrugghia distans
Adult • Sandwich Bay, Kent • © Francis Solly

45.026 BF1491

Breckland Plume Crombrugghia distans

(Zeller, 1847)

Wingspan c. 15-22mm.

This rather scarce species occurs in the east and south-east of England, southwards to Devon, occupying dry, sandy habitats such as downland or breckland.

Externally, smaller specimens can resemble the rarer C. laetus, a presumed migrant species which has turned up several times mainly on the south coast, and genitalia examination may be necessary to be sure of identification. The larvae feed on a number of foodplants, including mouse-ear hawkweed (Pilosella officinarum) on the leaves or flowers.

Adult moths fly between May and August, in two generations. Gen. preps (Dissection Group website):

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